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Inbacorp | Modular Gas Ranges FU 65/110 CFGE

Inbacorp | Modular Gas Ranges FU 65/110 CFGE
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Inbacorp | Modular Gas Ranges FU 65/110 CFGE
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Pressed working top in stainless AISI 304, 10/10 thickness...

* Specifications :

  • Series:  function 650 
  • Gas power: 25,8 kw
  • Gas range, 6 burners, electric convection oven, neutral cabinet.
  • Burners in cast iron and brass from 3,6kW to 5 kW (the model FU 65/40 PG/40 P has a pilot burner).
  • Safety tap with thermocouple to adjust heating power.
  •  Models with gas/electric oven, capacity GN 2/1, oven inner door in stainless steel with labyrinth sealing.
  • pan supports are manufactured from anticorrosive enameled cast-iron
  • Models available with gas oven, electric static oven or electric convection oven
  • Burners available in 3,6 / 5 / 7,5 kW power
  • Gas oven ignition by piezo device.

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Italy
  • Model: FU 65/110 CFGE
  • Dimensions: 110.00cm x 65.00cm x 85.00cm
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